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The new face of excellence


Elegant, classic and decidedly contemporary, the Perpetual 1908 immortalizes Rolex's age-long daring spirit. Inheriting the brand's historic codes as much as its numerous innovations in watchmaking, the watch marks a new milestone in the brand's pursuit of excellence. The conception and creation of this new model testify to the Manufacture's comprehensive in-house expertise.

Inspired by an Oyster Perpetual from 1931, this completely new timepiece responds to the challenge of a slimmer watch according to the Rolex canon and heralds the arrival of the Perpetual collection, which redefines the traditional wristwatch in the avant-garde spirit of the brand. The name '1908' is a reference to the date the 'Rolex' trademark was officially registered in Switzerland.

Promising superlative performance, the 1908 carves out a place for itself as a Rolex imbued with tradition yet exuding modernity.

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