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Montblanc at GemOro

The beginning of the 20th century was a period of departure for new horizons: ground-breaking inventions and industrialization of production resulted in a restructuring of society. In these pioneering times transportation was modernized and cities with large harbours were a major driver to develop commercial and cultural ties between nations. In this dynamic environment, 3 German pioneers lay the foundation stone of Montblanc in 1906. 

Montblanc, Years Of Innovation

110 years after its foundation, Montblanc continues to surprise with new innovative functionalities and iconic designs, inspiring the world with highly crafted piece that have all the qualities of fine lifetime companions. GemOro is proud to be a fine retailer of Montblanc timepieces. 

montblanc watch and pen

About Montblanc


The Montblanc creators put their soul into actively composing pieces that embrace and symbolise the values that shape Montblanc as a brand.


Montblanc unites fine European craftsmanship with time-honoured designs, bringing pieces to life that emanate classic heritage and refined creation.


Just as every Montblanc product is the result of our master craftsmen's souls and their stories, the final heirlooms will subsequently become part of your unique tale, creating an invisible bond between our soul and yours.


Fine living is a prerogative, and exquisite products make an extraordinary life even more exceptional. Your story is alive and dynamic; the assets that accompany you along your path must add vitality and effervescence.


With today’s ever-increasing pace, it is vital to be confronted with products that have been crafted to withstand the passing of time. Monblanc’s pieces will weather the ages with you and witness your unfolding stories and those of your family.

Just as a soul remains long after its body is gone, our pieces are crafted to perform superbly and symbolise elegance for many lifetimes.

Authorized Montblanc Retailer

GemOro is proud to be one of the select few authorized Montblanc retailers in Canada. Need more information or would like to see our in store selection? Talk to one of our experienced and knowledgable staff today Contact us to book an  appointment!